Yoga Towel Set - Default Title - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set
Yoga Towel Set - yoga-towel-set

Vive Yoga Towel Set

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    Use our Vive Yoga Towel with a yoga mat as a hygienic barrier, on the floor at home or in the hotel and even outdoors


    Great for hot yoga, our yoga mat towel set absorbs sweat to minimize slipping on damp surfaces and is quick-drying


    Our dual-sided yoga towel features one solid side and one side printed with yoga poses in an easy-to-follow format


    Providing complete coverage of standard yoga mats, our long yoga towels measure 72” by 24”


    Easily keep your durable yoga towel set clean and ready for every yoga, pilates or floor workout


    This set includes a mesh travel bag that is compact and lightweight for easy travel

Am I supposed to spray the yoga towel down before using it?

The Vive Yoga Towel may be lightly misted with water to help it stick to your yoga mat.

Do I have to use the yoga towel on top of a mat?

No, the Vive yoga towel may be used on a mat, on the floor and even outdoors.

Is the yoga towel set latex-free?

Yes, our yoga towel set and matching mesh carry bag are latex-free.

Does the Vive Yoga Towel Set feel like microfiber?

Yes, the super-absorbent blend feels similar to microfiber or microsuede.

What is included in the yoga towel set?

The Vive Yoga Towel Set includes a long yoga mat towel, a large hand towel and a mesh carry bag.

Is this yoga towel suitable for hot yoga?

Yes! Our absorbent yoga towel is perfect for hot yoga sessions.

Is the Vive yoga towel set good for gym workouts?

Yes, the yoga towel set is suitable for floor workouts, yoga and pilates sessions at the gym.

How do I clean my yoga towels?

The yoga towels are machine washable in cold water. Air dry or tumble dry low.

What are the Vive Yoga Towels made of?

Our yoga towels are made with a 88% polyester and 12% polyamide blend for greater absorbency and a great feel under the hands and feet.

Will this yoga towel fit a 24” by 68” mat?

Yes! Our long yoga towel measures 24” by 72” for complete coverage of most yoga mat sizes.


  • For covering shared yoga and gym mats for better hygiene
  • For providing a non-slip surface for practicing yoga, pilates and floor exercise
  • For absorbing sweat during hot yoga sessions


  • Yoga towel: 24” by 72”
  • Hand towel: 9” by 12”
  • Yoga towel weight: 0.49 lbs
  • Hand towel weight: 0.02 lbs


  • 88% polyester and 12% polyamide

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash the yoga towel and hand towel in cold water. Do not bleach
  • Air dry or tumble dry

What’s Included:

  • Vive Yoga Towel Set
  • Long yoga towel
  • Large hand towel
  • Mesh carry bag


Product Number: LVA2102BLK

Shipping Weight: 0.53 pounds