Transfer Bench - Default Title - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench
Transfer Bench - tub-transfer-bench

Vive Transfer Bench

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    • Enter and Exit the Tub Safely
    • Lightly textured large surface bench
    • Reversible back and armrest
    • Non-slip suction cups on interior feet
    • Tool-Free Assembly
    • 400 Pound Weight Capacity
    • Lifetime Guarantee 


  • Woman sitting in a transfer bench

    Promotes bathroom safety and independence supporting 400 pounds


    Arrives semi-assembled for quick and easy placement in your bathroom

  • Transfer Bench
  • Adjustable transfer bench

    The reversible seat back and adjustable leg height will accommodate almost any tub


    Feel safe as you wash with strong suction cup feet and nonslip rubber caps

  • Transfer bench with suction cup
  • Transfer bench seat with holes

    A textured seat with built-in drainage provides a stress-free bath


    The lightweight yet durable frame is corrosion-resistant and easily cleaned with any bathroom cleaner

  • Transfer bench with aluminum frame

What are the dimensions of the transfer bench?

The transfer bench is 30.5” wide at the base and 22” deep.

What are the dimensions of the seat?

The seat is 26.25” long and 16” wide.

How wide is the seat back?

The seat back is 16.5”.

How wide is the arm rest?

The seat back is 11”.

How tall are the transfer bench legs?

The transfer bench legs are height adjustable in ½ inch increments, from 18.5” to 23.5”.

Will this transfer bench fit over a high-sided tub?

The transfer bench by Vive can clear up to 21" 

Is the transfer bench seat back reversible?

Yes, the seat back can be used on either side of the transfer bench.

Is the transfer bench seat back removable?

Yes, the back is removable by pressing the two release buttons under the bench and sliding it out.

How do I assemble my Vive Tub Transfer Bench?


Is the transfer bench armrest reversible?

Yes, the armrest can be used on either end of the transfer bench.

Are the transfer bench legs removable?

Yes, the legs are removable.

How long will it take to assemble the transfer bench?

The assembly should take about 10 minutes.

Will I need tools to assemble the transfer bench?

A Philip's head screw driver is needed to assemble your transfer bench.

Why are there holes in the transfer bench seat?

The holes conveniently drain water away so that you are not sitting in a puddle.

Does the transfer bench stick outside of the tub?

Yes, to use the transfer bench safely, the suction cupped legs should be in the tub and the rubber tipped legs should be outside of the tub.

Will a shower curtain fit around the transfer bench?

Most shower curtains will not fit around the bench and stay in the tub. For best results, use a handheld showerhead to control water spray.

Can I remove one of the seat sections?

No, the seat sections are not removable.

How much weight will the transfer bench hold?

The transfer bench will accommodate up to 400 pounds.

How much does the transfer bench weigh?

The shipping weight is 14.4 pounds.


  • Transfer to and from wheelchair and tub safely and securely
  • Bathe in comfort while seated


  • 30.5 inches wide
  • 22 inches deep
  • The legs and seat adjust up to 23.5 inches high


  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Wipe down with wet cloth and disinfectant
  • Air dry

What’s Included:

  • Transfer Bench
  • Lifetime warranty

UPC: 818323020014

Product Number: LVA1041

Shipping Weight: 14.4 pounds