Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail
Stand Alone Rail

Stand Alone Rail

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  • Lifetime guarantee



    Providing a strong, stable base, the stand-alone rail allows you to easily rise from a toilet, a sofa or your favorite chair


    Sleek, open design seamlessly blends with any home decor


    Lightly padded, the handrails feature a PU leather covering for a soft, yet secure grip


    Ready to use in minutes, the stand-alone rail features a positionable stabilizing bar


    Sturdy freestanding steel frame safely supports up to 250 pounds

How much does the Vive stand-alone rail weigh?

The Vive stand-alone rail weighs 26 pounds, providing a strong, stable base for assistance.

How wide is the stand-alone rail on the inside?

The width between the handrails measures 20.25”.

Are the handrails padded?

Yes! The handrails are lightly padded with a soft, sleek PU leather.

How tall is the Vive stand-alone rail?

The Vive stand-alone rail stands 28” tall.

Does the stand alone rail have non-slip feet?

Yes! The base is lined with non-slip, non marking feet to prevent slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces.

Can I use this to help get up from the couch?

Yes! The stand alone rail is ideal for providing assistance when rising from a couch or chair.

Is this stand alone rail safe to use in the bathroom?

Yes, the open design allows the stand alone rail to be used in many locations, including the bathroom.

How high is the stabilizing bar across the back of the stand alone rail?

The stabilizing bar height is repositionable between 16.5” to 22.75” to best fit your needs.

What is the maximum weight limit for the stand alone rail?

The Vive stand alone rail safely supports up to 250 pounds, however, the rail is not designed to be weight-bearing and should not be used without both feet being firmly planted on the floor.


  • For stabilizing support when rising from a seated position
  • Ideal for assistance at the toilet, sofa or chair.


  • Total width: 25”
  • Armrest inside width: 20.25”
  • Depth to stabilization bar: 17”
  • Stabilization bar height: 16.5” to 22.75”
  • Total height: 28”


  • Steel frame
  • PU leather armrests

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe the stand alone rail down with a standard household disinfectant and dry immediately
  • Do not use harsh, corrosive or abrasive cleaners to clean the stand alone rail

What’s Included:

  • Vive Stand Alone Rail - Modern Mobility Collection
  • Lifetime guarantee

UPC: 810041981486

Product Number: LVA2041WHT

Shipping Weight: 22.27 pounds