Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - Default Title - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit
Sock & Shoe Assist Kit - sock-aid-kit

Vive Sock & Shoe Assist Kit

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  • Independently put on socks and shoes
  • Sock aid works with all socks and hosiery
  • Adjustable length cord handle with soft grip handles
  • Long, 23” shoe horn with sock remover tab
  • Detachable design for easy travel and storage
  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Independently put on and take off socks, hosiery and shoes without painfully bending and twisting with the two-piece Vive sock and shoe assist kit


    Gliding over the foot and heel, the sock aid features a flexible shell with adjustable cord handles for easily sliding on socks and hosiery


    Featuring a nonslip cuff, the sock aid can be used with any type of sock, compression stocking or hosiery


    Gently rounded, the long shoe horn works with any shoe style or boot while standing or sitting down


    Easy to use, the detachable shoe horn includes a smooth hook to assist in removing socks and hosiery


    A quick-release connection allows the long shoe horn to be separated into two pieces for easy travel and storage

Does the Vive sock assist aid work with compression socks?

Yes! The sock assist can be used with any type of sock or hosiery, including compression socks.

How wide is the sock assist opening for your foot?

The Vive sock assist opening measures 4” wide.

Can I use the sock assist with my large, wide feet?

Yes! The sock assist is flexible to accommodate a wide range of foot and sock sizes.

Does the sock assist have something to help put the heel of the sock on?

It is best to have as much of the sock on the device before starting. Pulling up the sock and sock assist in one smooth motion, while pointing the toes downward, should allow the sock assist and sock to slide around the heel and up the calf to the desired position.

Will the sock assist work with ankle socks?

Yes! The Vive sock assist works well with ankle socks.

Would I be able to use the sock assist with one hand?

Yes, it is possible to pull both cords with one hand, taking care to ensure cords are pulled equally.

Are there instructions on how to use it?

Yes! First, pull the sock over the sock assist device as far as the sock will go. Place the sock assist device on the floor, keeping the handles in your hands. Then insert your foot through the opening and smoothly pull the handles until your sock is completely over your foot.

Can it be used with nylons without ripping them?

Yes! The Vive sock assist has a smooth, rounded edge to prevent snags and runs in hosiery.

Does this stretch out the top of your socks?

The sock assist only stretches a sock during the brief amount of time it takes to put them on leaving the elastic fully intact, however, leaving a sock on the device for long periods of time may deform your sock.

How long are the sock assist adjustable cords?

The sock assist cord length is 33” and can be easily adjusted with the integrated button slider.

How do I fold my Vive shoe horn?

The Vive detachable shoe horn easily separates into two pieces with a secure, pinch-style connector. Using two fingers, press and hold the buttons on both sides of the shoe horn inward to release the lock, then gently pull the shoe horn apart.

Is the portable shoe horn long enough to put on my shoes without bending over?

Yes! The Vive shoe horn is 23” to make it easier to put on your shoes while standing up or sitting down with little to no movement.

What is the Vive shoe horn made of?

The Vive detachable shoe horn is made with an ABS composite material that is exceptionally strong, yet flexible for long-lasting use.

Can I use the shoe horn to remove my socks too?

Yes! The shoehorn includes a sock removal hook to easily slide socks off.

Will the shoe horn work with women’s heels?

Yes! The shoe horn is gently curved to easily slide in any shoe of any size.

Does the portable shoe horn work well with boots?

Yes, the detachable shoe horn works well with boots.

How wide is the shoe horn’s oval handle?

The oval handle is 4” wide for a comfortable, secure grip and simple, hanging storage.

Will the shoehorn keep the heel from caving in as I put my shoe on?

Yes! The long shoe horn stabilizes the back of the shoe, preventing it from collapsing, bulging or pinching.


  • For assisting in putting on and taking off socks or hosiery as well as any style of shoe or boot


  • Sock Assist: 9.75" by 4” by 3.25"
  • Sock assist cord handles: 33”
  • Shoe horn length: 23”
  • Longest piece when separated: 13”
  • Shoe horn handle width: 4”


  • Composite materials
  • Foam
  • Cord

How to Separate the Shoe Horn for Storage or Travel:

  • Using two fingers, press and hold the buttons on both sides of the shoehorn inward to release the lock
  • Gently pull the shoe horn apart
  • To reassemble the shoe horn, slide the pieces back together until the buttons audibly click in place

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down each piece with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Do not submerge. Do not machine wash
  • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth

What’s Included:

  • Vive Sock and Shoe Assist Kit
  • Vive Sock Assist
  • Vive Detachable Shoe Horn
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 818323029604

Product Number: LVA2033GRY

Shipping Weight: 12.5 ounces