Smart Oral Thermometer - Default Title - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer
Smart Oral Thermometer - smart-oral-thermometer

Vive Smart Oral Thermometer

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  • One Year Guarantee 



    Our Vive Precision Smart Thermometer provides quick, accurate temperature readings for fast fever detection in adults and children alike


    Each digital thermometer is rigorously tested to ensure clinically accurate and consistent readings


    Compatible with iOS and Android devices, our smart thermometer syncs with the Vive Precision app for easily tracking and sharing temperature fluctuations


    Simple to use with a one-touch temperature reading and flexible tip for oral, rectal and axillary readings


    Easy to clean and sanitize to reduce cross-contamination, our thermometer also includes 15 single-use probe covers


    Includes a Vive Precision Oral Thermometer BT-S, battery, 15 probe covers and a protective storage case to keep the thermometer clean and ready to use

Will this digital thermometer measure to one-hundredth of a degree?

The Vive Precision Oral Thermometer displays accurate temperature readings to the tenth of a degree.

Can I use a thermometer cover with the digital thermometer?

Yes! Disposable thermometer slipcovers work well with our smart digital thermometer. Fifteen slipcovers are included with the thermometer.

How long does the digital thermometer take before it gives an actual result?

Our Vive Precision thermometer takes up to eight seconds to display an accurate temperature reading for oral readings, up to two minutes for axillary measurements and one minute for rectal measurements.

Is the digital thermometer mercury-free?

Yes, the Vive Precision Smart Oral Thermometer is mercury-free.

Does the smart thermometer’s display screen light up?

The screen is not backlit, however, the screen is large and easy to read.

Does the Vive Precision digital thermometer beep when it is finished?

Yes, the digital thermometer will sound a steady pattern of audible beeps for ten seconds once a temperature is detected. The thermometer will continue to measure the temperature for up to two minutes for oral and axillary readings and up to five minutes for rectal readings.

What type of battery does the digital thermometer need?

This digital thermometer requires one CR2032 battery (3.0V DC).

Will the thermometer automatically turn off after taking a temperature?

Yes, the Vive Precision Oral Thermometer is equipped with an energy-saving auto-off feature.

Can this thermometer switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Yes, the temperature readings can be displayed in either scale by holding the on/off button for three seconds when turning the thermometer on.

How do I replace the thermometer’s battery?

When the low battery indicator is displayed, use a coin to turn the cover counterclockwise. Remove the old battery and dispose of it properly. Insert a new CR2032 battery with the “+” polarity facing up. Then reattach the cover.

Does the thermometer work to take temperatures under the arm?

Yes! This thermometer provides safe, reliable axillary, or under the arm, readings.

Will this digital thermometer store the last temperature reading?

Yes, the last reading is stored and displayed when powered on for easy tracking.


  • For detecting an accurate body temperature for individuals of all ages
  • Suitable for oral, axillary and rectal temperature readings

Measurement Range:

  • Celsius: 32° - 42.9°
  • Fahrenheit: 90° - 109.9°


  • Digital LCD display
  • Displays up to four digits
  • Low battery indicator


  • Requires one CR2032 battery (3.0V DC)
  • Battery life: Eight months with an average of three readings per day

Memory Function:

  • Records last measurement for quick comparing
  • Once the thermometer is on, the last temperature will automatically display on the screen until a new temperature is recorded
  • Compatible with the Vive Precision App for historical data collection and sharing

Care Instructions:

  • Store thermometer in a dry location free from dust and direct sunlight
  • Dampen a cloth with a disinfectant (e.g. 70% ethyl alcohol) and wipe clean

What's Included:

  • Vive Precision Oral Thermometer
  • One CR2032 battery
  • Protective case
  • 15 Disposable probe covers
  • One year guarantee


Product Number: DMD1062WHT

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