Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow
Full Knee Pillow

Full Knee Pillow

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    Our Xtra-Comfort Full Knee Pillow realigns the hips, knees, ankles and spine to relieve painful pressure and improve circulation while resting


    Supporting proper spinal alignment, our knee pillow aids in relieving sciatica and back, hip and knee pain


    Our full-length designed to support the legs from knee to ankle with cutaways and a rounded top edge to allow the knee to bend and straighten without repositioning the pillow


    Retaining its shape night after night, our contoured knee pillow is made with resilient memory foam with center contours on both sided for stabilizing support


    The full-length knee cushion includes a soft elastic strap to ensure your leg stays in place while you sleep


    Easy to clean, the removable zippered cover is machine washable

Does this full knee pillow also support your hips while sleeping?

Yes! The full knee pillow opens the hips, aligning them in the proper position to relieve pain and pressure.

What is the Xtra-Comfort pillow cover made of?

The removable cover is made with a soft, breathable polyester and spandex blend.

Is the pillow case breathable to keep cool in the night?

Yes, the knee pillow cover is breathable, wicking away excess moisture to stay comfortable nd dry throughout the night.

Is the Xtra-Comfort Full Knee Pillow latex-free?

Yes! The Xtra-Comfort Full Knee Pillow is latex-free.

Will this full-length knee cushion keep my hips from rolling forward?

Yes! The knee cushion maintains alignment in the hips to relieve pain and pressure.

What are the dimensions of the full knee pillow?

The knee pillow measures 29” by 11” by 4” to provide support from the knee to ankle.

How thick is the cushion that separates your knees?

The Xtra-Comfort Full Knee Pillow is 4” to comfortably separate the knees and promote proper spinal alignment.

Will the knee pillow stay in place all night?

Yes! The unique design features a center contour to stabilize the leg and a soft, stretchable strap for holding the pillow in place all night long.

Is the zipper hidden so it won’t poke you in the night?

Yes! The zipper is tucked away so it will not come in contact with your skin.

How do I wash the knee pillow cover?

The removable cover is machine washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Allow the cover to air dry completely before use. The foam cushion liner should be spot cleaned as necessary.

Will the knee cushion be comfortable for a pregnant woman?

Yes! The knee pillow provides comfortable support throughout the pregnancy.

Can I use the full knee pillow while I travel?

Yes, the Xtra-Comfort Full Knee Pillow is lightweight and easily portable.


  • For relieving lower back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain
  • Supports proper spinal alignment and improves circulation in the lower body


  • 29” by 11” by 4”
  • Weight: 2.67 pounds


  • Memory foam
  • Cover: polyester and spandex blend
  • Liner: polyester

Care Instructions:

  • Remove zippered cover and machine wash in cold water with like colors
  • Allow the cover to air dry completely before use
  • Spot clean foam with a damp cloth and mild detergent

What’s Included:

  • Xtra-Comfort Full Knee Pillow
  • Removable zippered cover
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 810113573052

Product Number: CSH1092GRY

Shipping Weight: 2.9 pounds