Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands
Tube Resistance Bands

Tube Resistance Bands

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    • Strengthen and tone muscles
    • Great for rehabilitation and physical therapy
    • Five resistance levels
    • Durable snap-free materials
    • 11 piece set includes handles and door anchor
    • 60 Day Guarantee 


  • woman exercising legs with resistance bands

    Easily integrating with any workout, the set allows individuals to safely increase muscle strength and flexibility in the shoulders, arms, back and legs


    Color-coded for easy identification, the set includes five resistances levels that can be combined in a variety of ways for effective, progressive workouts

  • complete set of color coded resistance bands
  • attaching handles to resistance band

    Securely attach comfort-grip handles and ankle straps with sturdy metal clips


    Constructed with a durable composite material that is snap, tear and split resistant for long-term usability

  • woman exercising arms with resistance bands
  • image of anchor for door

    Non-marking door anchor is easy to install, remove and reposition on any door frame

  • 11 PIECE SET

    Includes five tube resistance bands, two handles, two ankle straps, one door anchor and a convenient storage bag

  • vive resistance band set and travel bag

Are these bands durable?

Yes! The bands are constructed with a snap, tear and split-resistant composite material for exceptional durability.

How long is each band?

Each band measures 4’ in length and will stretch to double their length.

Do the resistance bands contain latex?

Yes, the bands do contain natural latex.

Do they come with instructions?

Yes! The set includes an illustrated manual for suggested uses.

Can I use them for leg resistance?

Yes! The bands can be used with the included ankle straps for effective leg resistance exercises.

Will these help relieve tendonitis in my rotator cuff?

Yes, the bands will increase flexibility and range of motion to relieve painful pressure.

How do I install the door anchor?

To install the door anchor, place the closed end of the loop over the door or through the hinged opening. Close the door tightly and pull on the loop end of the anchor to ensure it is secure.

How many bands do I get?

This set contains five bands ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy.

What is the maximum resistance?

The maximum resistance when using all five bands is approximately 72 pounds.

Can I use them in an office setting?

Yes! The set includes a zippered bag for safe and convenient storage and travel.


  • For exercise, rehabilitation and physical therapy


  • X-light: 4ft x 7mm (2-4 lb resistance)
  • Light: 4ft x 9mm (4-6lb resistance)
  • Medium: 4ft x 9.5mm (10-12lb resistance)
  • Heavy: 4ft x 11mm (15-20lb resistance)
  • X-heavy: 4ft x 12mm (25-30lb resistance)


  • Thermoplastic rubber
  • Nylon webbing
  • Metal fasteners

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down with a dry cloth
  • Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight

What’s Included:

  • Five tube resistances bands
  • Two hand grips
  • Two ankle straps
  • One door anchor
  • Zippered storage bag
  • Illustrated manual
  • Workout Poster
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 818323020939

Product Number: RHB1029

Shipping Weight: 8 ounces