Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow
Half Moon Bolster Pillow

Half Moon Bolster Pillow

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  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Elevate and support the feet, ankles and knees to relieve tension and swelling or use between the knees to promote proper hip alignment for side sleepers


    Position the half moon bolster to support the lumbar region or neck to relieve discomfort and tension along the spine


    Designed for optimal support and comfort, the pillow interior is made with a resilient foam base and contouring memory foam layer


    Exceptionally soft, the zippered cover is hypoallergenic and breathable to allow heat to quickly dissipate for greater comfort


    The removable cover is also machine washable for added convenience

How tall is the half moon pillow?

The half moon bolster pillow measure 4.5” at the top of the curve.

Is the pillow filled with shredded foam or a solid piece of foam?

The half moon pillow core is constructed with solid, firm foam with a solid memory foam outer layer.

Is the half moon pillow washable?

The Xtra-Comfort pillow includes a removable bamboo blend cover that is machine washable. The foam interior should be spot cleaned only.

How long is the bolster cushion?

The half moon bolster cushion measure 21” in length.

Can I use this as a back support?

Yes! The half moon cushion is suitable for lumbar support, as well as a neck roll to relieve tension and discomfort in the lower and upper back.

Does the pillow have an odor?

Due to the compressed packaging, the pillow will arrive with a slight odor that dissipates as the pillow expands.

What is the cover made of?

The hypoallergenic cover is made with a bamboo-polyester blend.

How much does the cushion weigh?

The half moon bolster pillow weighs approximately 1.8 pounds.

Is this pillow good for elevating my knees while sleeping?

Yes, the half moon pillow is ideal for raising the knees while sleeping.


  • For elevating and supporting the feet, ankles and knees
  • For use as a lumbar roll and to support the head and neck


  • 4.5” x 8”x 21”


  • Firm foam base
  • Memory foam exterior layer
  • Bamboo-polyester blend cover

Care Instructions:

  • Removable pillowcase is machine washable in warm water with a mild detergent
  • Tumble dry low
  • Memory foam should be spot cleaned only

What’s Included:

  • Xtra-Comfort Half Moon Bolster Pillow
  • Removable Pillow Cover
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 818323024494

Product Number: CSH1043WHT

Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds