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Big Ol’ Hairy Feet

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Big Ol' Hairy Feet

Become the ultimate Caveman or Bigfoot with these Big Ol’ Hairy Feet Sandals! We also carry Zombie Feet Sandals and Werewolf Feet Sandals!

Why Us

The Original Billy Bob Teeth. We offer superior products at the best price. With millions of teeth sold worldwide, you can trust that we got your back. Get your hillbilly smile with the Original Billy Bob Teeth!

In 1994 the Billy-Bob Teeth Company was incorporated. Our silly, goofy teeth became a worldwide sensation and the most successful novelty product in history!

Jonah White, the CEO of Billy-Bob Teeth Inc. is always on the lookout to create eye-catching and original products.

Slip the Big Ol’ Hairy Feet on and transform your living room into a mystical forest. Well… maybe not, but put them on and your friends and family will get a good laugh! Unless your normal feet are as hairy and stubby as the Billy Bob Big Ol’ Hairy Feet, you will definitely want to add these to your collection. Toss out your loafers and make room in your closet for some hairy feet sandals!