Bicep Strap - Small - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - Medium - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - Large - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - bicep-strap
Bicep Strap - bicep-strap

Vive Bicep Strap

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  • 60 Day GuaranteeFeatures

    Our Vive Bicep Strap stabilizes and supports the muscles and tendons in the upper arm to relieve tension fatigue and cramps


    Providing customizable compression, the bicep tendonitis strap improves circulation and reduces inflammation and swelling


    Made with a latex-free neoprene blend, the upper arm compression wrap is lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort


    Designed for hassle-free adjustments, the nonslip bicep wrap is easy to put on


    Secured with adjustable fastener straps, the bicep strap is available in three sizes to fit most adults

Is the Vive Bicep Strap latex-free?

Yes! The bicep strap is made with a latex-free neoprene blend.

Can I wear this bicep brace while working out at the gym?

Yes, the bicep brace aids in stabilizing and supporting the upper arm during everyday activities including working out and weightlifting.

How do I clean my bicep strap?

The Vive bicep strap should be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent as needed. Allow the brace to air dry completely before use.

Will this bicep strap fit a 17” bicep?

Yes, the large bicep strap adjusts to fit bicep circumferences between 16” to 20”.

Does this include a pair of bicep straps or a single one?

This includes one bicep strap that can be worn on the left or right arm.

Is the Vive bicep tendonitis wrap adjustable?

Yes, the wrap features two fastener straps for easy adjustments for fit and compression.

Will this upper arm strap help with fatigue from repetitive motion?

Yes, the upper arm strap supports the muscles and tendons of the upper arm to relieve fatigue and cramping.


  • For relieving pain, swelling and inflammation in the bicep and tricep
  • For relieving muscle tension, fatigue and cramping in the upper arm


  • Small: 22.83” by 5.5”
  • Medium: 23.62” by 5.5”
  • Large: 25.59” by 6.5”
  • Strap length: 7.87”
  • Weight: Small: 0.43 lbs; Medium 0.45 lbs; Large 0.50 lbs


  • Small: 7” - 10” bicep circumference
  • Medium: 10” - 16” bicep circumference
  • Large: 16” - 20” bicep circumference


  • Latex-free neoprene, nylon, polyester, spandex, spring

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash the bicep strap in cold water with mild detergent
  • Allow the bicep strap to air dry completely before use

What’s Included:

  • Vive Bicep Strap
  • 60 day guarantee

Product Number: SUP3009S (Small) ; SUP3009M (Medium); SUP3009L (Large)