Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow
Traction Wedge Pillow

Traction Wedge Pillow

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  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Supporting the natural curve of the spine, the Xtra-Comfort traction wedge pillow relieves pain and releases tension in the neck, shoulders and back


    Provides relief for neck pain and stiffness, headache, migraine, TMJ and more


    Easily integrates into relaxation routines providing a soothing, gentle stretch


    Made with latex-free foam, the supportive traction wedge is resilient for daily use


    Safely add height to your traction wedge with the included bottom cushion


    Featuring hidden zippers, each wedge pillow cover is removable and machine washable

How long can I use the Xtra-Comfort traction wedge each day?

It is recommended to use a traction wedge for 10 to 25 minutes each day to relieve stress and tension in the head, shoulders and neck.

Can I sleep on the traction wedge pillow?

The Xtra-Comfort traction wedge pillow is not designed for use while sleeping. The recommended use time is 10-25 minutes per day.

Does the cervical traction pillow include instructions?

Yes! Our Xtra-Comfort traction wedge includes a user manual.

Can I use the wedge pillow while lying in bed?

Yes, the wedge pillow can be used on any flat surface including a bed, sofa or the floor.

Does the cervical traction pillow help restore the curve of your neck?

Yes, the traction wedge pillow promotes the proper natural alignment of the cervical spine.

Is the Xtra-Comfort traction wedge firm?

Yes, the traction wedge is made with a dense, firm foam for optimal support and comfortable cushioning.

What is the height of the neck support curve?

The neck support measures 4.72” in height and can be increased to 5.7” when using the additional cushioned layer.

Is the neck support pillow washable?

Yes, the neck support pillow includes removable pillow covers that are machine washable. The inner foam may be spot cleaned as needed.

Does the foam pillow keep its shape or flatten out?

The Xtra-Comfort traction wedge is made with a resilient foam that will not flatten out.


  • For relieving tension and stress in the head, neck, shoulders and back
  • For relieving headaches and migraines


  • 12.99” by 5.51” by 7.68”
  • Height at curve: 4.72”
  • Removable booster cushion: 12.99” by 5.7” by 0.98”
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds


  • Latex-free polyurethane foam
  • Cotton polyester blend

Care Instructions:

  • Remove the zippered cover then machine wash in cold water with like colors
  • Allow to air dry completely before use
  • Spot clean the inner foam liner with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry

What’s Included:

  • Xtra-Comfort Traction Wedge Pillow
  • Removable bottom cushion
  • Two removable pillow covers
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 810041987556

Product Number: CSH1080BLK

Shipping Weight: 0.53 pounds