22" x 22" Shower Mat - Default Title - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat
22" x 22" Shower Mat - shower-mat

Vive 22" x 22" Shower Mat

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  • 60 Day Guarantee


  • Non Slip Surface

    The large textured surface provides traction to help reduce the risk of slips and falls

  • Stable and Soft

    Textured cushioning provides comfort as well as traction

  • Secure Attachment

    200 non slip suction cups securely attach to shower or tub floor for strong grip that won’t bunch or slide.

  • Center Drain

    The 6 inch centered drain hole keeps water from pooling at feet.

  • Non-Toxic Material

    Latex-free rubber and an antibacterial agent protects from mold and mildew

  • Machine Washable

    Machine wash and hang to dry when needed. Wipe down after use for daily maintenance to preserve quality

How does the shower mat stay in place?

The 200 individual suction cups create a non-slip grip on any smooth surface.

What kinds of surfaces does the shower mat stick to?

The shower mat sticks to the smooth, non textured, surfaces of most tubs and showers including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble and fiberglass.

Does the shower mat have cushioning?

Yes, the shower mat features extra soft cushioning for comfort.

Is the texture on the shower mat uncomfortable?

Not at all. The light texture is designed to provide both traction and comfort.

Can you feel the suction cups when standing on the shower mat?

No, the padded surface provides a cushioned layer between the small suction cups and your feet

Is the shower mat slippery when covered with soap or shampoo?

No! The light texture gives you plenty of traction even if you drop the soap!

How do you wash the shower mat?

The shower mat features an antibacterial agent to protect from mold and mildew but is machine washable if needed. Just hang to dry.

Can you use this shower mat under a shower chair?

Yes, this large size shower mat fits nicely under most shower chairs.

Can you leave the shower mat on the floor between showers?

Yes, the shower mat is fine to stay in place between use.

What is the shower mat made of?

The shower mat is constructed from thick latex-free rubber that has been treated with an antibacterial agent.

Does the antibacterial agent guard against mold?

Yes, it will protect against mold, mildew and other bacterial growth.

Does the shower mat absorb water?

No, any water on or around the shower mat will drain away.

Does the shower mat dry quickly?

Yes, the non-toxic rubber dries very quickly. Hanging that mat or wiping the mat dry after each use can help to speed up drying time.

Is the shower mat non-toxic?

Yes! The shower mat is completely safe for the entire family.

What is the actual color of the shower mat?

The shower mat comes in a very soft and neutral off-white to match any decor.

Does the shower mat have a rubber or chemical smell?

There may be a faint rubber smell when initially unboxed. Any odor will dissipates shortly after airing out or first use.

How large is the drain hole?

The centered drain hole is six inches in diameter.

Will the shower mat drain hole fit over my shower drain?

As long as your shower drain is centered in your shower, the shower mat drain hole will fit over it.

Can the shower mat be trimmed to fit my shower?

We do not recommend trimming the shower mat as it may compromise the quality and function.


  • Width: 22 inches
  • Length: 22 inches
  • 6” center drain hole


  • Latex-free Rubber

Cleaning and Care Instructions:

  • Machine Washable
  • Hang to Dry
  • Wipe down with damp cloth for daily maintenance

How to install:

  • Remove from packaging and unroll the shower mat
  • Ensure surface is clean and dry
  • Place the mat on the floor of shower or tub
  • Press on the mat to engage the suction cups

What’s Included:

  • Shower Mat
  • 60 Day Guarantee

UPC: 028841241307

Product Number: LVA1018W

Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds