AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer
AM & PM Pill Organizer

AM & PM Pill Organizer

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  • One Year Guarantee 



    Easily manage and organize medications for both morning and evening to minimize confusion


    Easy to open, each compartment is topped with a simple, push-button lid that securely closes to eliminate spills


    Each day has a designated color and day and night icons to eliminate confusion and missed doses


    Daily trays are detachable for easily carrying in a purse, briefcase or pocket for greater convenience


    Realign the transparent lids to start the week on any day


    Measuring 1.25” by 1.125”, each compartment holds a variety of pill sizes and shapes

Will the pill organizer stay closed while in my bag?

Yes, the push-button lids are designed to stay firmly in place, whether on a counter or in a purse or travel bag.

Are the trays detachable?

Yes, the Vive pill organizer trays are removable for convenient travel.

Is the Vive pill organizer BPA free?

Yes! The Vive pill organizer is constructed with a BPA-free composite material.

Are the lids easy to open?

Yes! The Vive pill organizer features simple, push-button lids that are easy to open and close.

Can I remove the lids so the week starts on Monday?

Yes, the lids are removable so that the trays can be customized to fit personal schedules.

How many pills will fit in each slot of the organizer?

The number of pills that each compartment will hold varies based on the size and shape of the pills.

Does this have a place for pills taken at night?

Yes! The rectangle pill organizer features two removable trays: one for the morning and one for the evening. If more organization is needed throughout the day, the Vive XL pill organizer provides four compartments for each day of the week.

How big is the entire organizer?

The rectangular pill organizer is approximately 9” by 4.5”.

What are the dimensions of each individual pillbox?

Each pill compartment is approximately 1.25” by 1.125” by 0.75”.

Will I be able to see what pills are inside?

Yes! Each push-button lid is transparent for easy visibility.

Is the pill organizer waterproof?

The lids for each compartment snap into place securely to hold pills inside, but they do not create a waterproof seal.


  • For the weekly management of prescription medications, vitamins and supplements


  • 9” by 4.5”


  • BPA-free composite material


  • Varies

What’s Included:

  • Vive Rectangle Pill Organizer
  • One year guarantee

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Product Number: LVA2010

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