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Neck Gaiter - Black Grey Teal - neck-gaiter
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Vive Neck Gaiter

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  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Protects face, head and hair from UV rays, wind, debris and insects


    Wrap as a headband or wristband, use as a face mask, face scarf, balaclava, full hood or beanie


    Moisture-wicking and lightweight, the neck gaiters are made with a soft, breathable polyester blend


    Generously stretches to comfortably fit most adults with smooth, all-way flexibility


    An elastic drawstring with a sliding toggle allows you to close the top of the gaiter providing a snug, non-slip fit


    Easy to keep clean and ready to wear

Is the Vive neck gaiter loose fitting?

Yes, the Vive neck gaiter provides a customizable fit with a drawstring, allowing the base of the neck gaiter to remain comfortably loose.

How many layers are there in the neck gaiter?

The Vive neck gaiters are made with a single, lightweight layer.

How do I wash my neck gaiters?

The neck gaiters may be machine washed with like colors or hand washed in cool water with a mild detergent.

What type of fabric are the neck gaiters made of?

The Vive neck gaiters are made with a soft, breathable polyester and spandex blend.

Will this neck gaiter stay up while jogging?

Yes! The neck gaiter features a quick drawstring for a comfortable, yet secure fit while jogging, cycling, hiking and more.

Do I get one neck gaiter in each of the colors?

Yes! Each packaging includes one black, one grey and one navy neck gaiter.

Is the fabric breathable or does it get hot and stuffy?

The Vive neck gaiters are made with a lightweight, breathable polyester blend that remains cool and comfortable.

Will this neck gaiter stretch to fit over a big head?

Yes, the neck gaiter is very flexible, easily stretching to fit most adults.

Do the Vive gaiters have logos on them?

The Vive neck gaiters are plain with no visible logo.

Will this gaiter keep my face warm during winter sports?

Yes, the neck gaiter will keep the face comfortably warm while participating in winter sports.

Are these neck gaiter latex-free?

The Vive neck gaiters do contain latex.

Is there an SPF rating for these neck gaiters?

The Vive neck gaiters have a rating of UPF 30+.


  • For covering the face, neck, head and hair
  • Provides UPF 30+ UV protection and blocks wind, insects and debris


  • Unstretched: 19” by 11”


  • Black
  • Grey
  • Navy


  • Polyester / spandex blend
  • Elastic cord
  • Composite toggle

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash with like colors
  • Allow to air dry completely before use
  • Do not wash with fabric softeners

What’s Included:

  • Vive Neck Gaiter - Set of Three
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 810041982773 (Black, Grey, Navy), 810041982780 (Grey, Pink, Teal), 810041982797 (Black, Grey, Teal), 810041982803 (Pink, Teal, Lime), 810041982810 (All Black), 810041982827 (Black, Grey, Red)

Product Number: LVA2061BGN (Black, Grey, Navy), LVA2061GPT (Grey, Pink, Teal), LVA2061BGT (Black, Grey, Teal), LVA2061PTL (Pink, Teal, Lime), LVA2061BBB (All Black), LVA2061BGR (Black, Grey, Red)

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