Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks
Gel Heel Socks

Gel Heel Socks

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  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Enriched with hydrating gel, the Vive gel heel socks soothe and soften dry, cracked feet


    Lightly scented with soothing lavender oil, the gel heel socks are toeless for comfortable use while sleeping or resting


    Our gel lined socks are enriched with a nourishing oil blend comprised of vitamin E, olive oil, Jojoba oil and grapeseed oil


    Made with a cotton blend, the gel heel socks are soft and stretchy to comfortably fit most men and women’s foot sizes


    Designed to be hand washed for a fresh, clean feel, the gel heel socks are reusable for daily and overnight use


    Each package includes two pairs of toeless gel heel socks

What ingredients are in the gel heel socks?

The gel heel socks are enriched with lavender, vitamin E, olive oil, Jojoba oil and grapeseed oil.

Will the Vivegel heel socks soften my calluses?

Yes! The soothing gel softens calluses and works to heal dry, cracked heels.

Are the Vive gel heel socks latex-free?

Yes, the gel-infused socks are latex-free.

What type of material are the heel socks made of?

The Vive heel socks are made with a soft cotton, spandex and elastic blend for a comfortably snug fit.

Do the gel heel socks have a scent?

Yes, the gel contains lavender oil which promotes circulation and relieves tension and stress.

How do I wash my gel heel socks?

The Vive gel heel socks may be hand washed and allowed to air dry as needed.

How long will the gel effect last in my socks?

We recommend replacing your gel socks once every two years.

Do the Vive gel heel socks contain aloe?

Our socks do not contain aloe but are enriched with vitamin E, lavender and mineral oils.

Can I wear my gel heel socks to bed?

Yes! The gel heel socks can be worn while sleeping or resting in bed.

How often should I wear my gel heel socks?

We recommend wearing yourgel heel socks for 30-60 minutes for at least three days a week. Daily or overnight use is recommended for best results.


  • For relieving dry, cracked heels
  • For moisturizing and soothing dry, tired feet


  • Standard size: US Women’s shoe size up to size 8 ; US Men’s shoe size up to size 9
  • Large size: US Women’s shoe sizes from 8.5 to 12+, US Men’s shoe size from 9.5 to 13


  • Cotton, spandex, elastic blend
  • Gel enriched with lavender oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and grape seed oil
  • Silicone non-slip

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash the gel heel socks in cool water with a natural detergent and allow to air dry completely before use
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not have the socks dry cleaned
  • Do not wring the socks after washing
  • Keep the gel heel socks out of direct sunlight
  • Do not pick at or peel the gel in the socks

What’s Included:

  • Vive Gel Heel Socks - Two pairs
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 810041986399 (Standard); 810041986405 (Large)

Product Number: LVA2083S (Standard); LVA2083L (Large)

Shipping Weight: 0.45 pounds