Crutch Pad Kit - Default Title - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit
Crutch Pad Kit - crutch-accessory-kit

Vive Crutch Pad Kit

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  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Includes a pair of Vive crutch pads and hand grips as well as a convenient crutch pouch


    Fitted with adjustable fastener straps and made with flexible materials, each piece is designed to work with all standard and youth-sized crutches


    Padded with a resilient, high-density foam, the crutch pads relieve irritation, chaffing and painful pressure for greater crutch comfort


    Soft and breathable, the hand grip covers are lightly padded with a nonslip lining to prevent slipping and provide a comfortable grip


    Dual pocket pouch conveniently holds a water bottle, mobile phone, wallet, keys and other small items in easy reach


    Constructed with a water-resistant vinyl, the crutch bag includes six strong fastener straps for a secure fit on any single crutch

Will this crutch pad set fit my child’s crutches?

Yes! The Vive crutch pad kit is sized to fit all standard and youth crutches.

Do the crutch pads replace the stock pads or just cover them?

The Vive crutch pads and hand grips securely fit over the base stock pad to function as a cushioned cover, relieving irritation, chafing, discomfort and fatigue.

Will the Vive crutch pads prevent wear spots on my shirts?

Yes! The crutch pad covers are made with a breathable blend designed to reduce wear and pilling on clothing materials.

What are the dimensions of the crutch pads?

The crutch pads are flexible to fit all standard and youth crutches. The crutch pads measure 8” in length, 2.5” in height and 1.75” in width.

Can I leave the crutch pads on while in the shower?

It is not recommended to use the crutch pads in the shower.

Are the hand grip covers padded to relieve sore hands?

Yes! The hand grip covers are lightly padded and feature a nonslip lining to relieve sore hands and minimize the formation of hotspots.

Can I carry a water bottle in the crutch bag?

Yes! The Vive crutch pouch bag is large enough to carry a water bottle, tumbler or reusable cup.

Can I carry my phone and wallet in the crutch pouch?

Yes! The Vive crutch pouch features two compartments for safely carrying small items such as mobile phones and wallets.

How do I attach the crutch bag to my crutches?

The Vive crutch bag attaches to a single crutch with six fastener straps. Two long straps wrap around the crutch handgrip to secure the top of the pouch and four shorter straps wrap around the sides of the crutch to stabilize the bag and prevent it from interfering with normal use.

Is the crutch bag waterproof?

The Vive crutch bag is water-resistant, keeping content safe and dry from splashes and spills and light precipitation. The crutch bag is not waterproof.

What are the dimensions of the crutch pouch?

The pouch itself measures 9.75” long by 6.25” wide with the top straps measuring 10” and side straps measuring 2.5”.

Do the pockets of the crutch bag have zippers?

The Vive crutch bag pockets are closed with an easy to open fastener material.

Is the crutch bag large enough to carry an 8” tablet?

No, the crutch bag measures 6.5” in width and does not expand enough to accommodate tablets.

Does the crutch bag include the carabiner?

Yes! The Vive crutch pouch includes a carabiner for securing keys and similar small items.


  • For providing additional comfort and convenience when using standard or youth crutches


  • Fits all standard and youth crutches


  • Crutch pads: 8” by 2.5” by 1.75”
  • Crutch hand grips: 6.5” by 4” by .075
  • Pouch length: 9.75”
  • Pouch width: 6.25”
  • Top pouch straps: 10”
  • Side pouch straps: 2.5”


  • High-density foam
  • Polyester blend
  • Pouch: water-resistant vinyl
  • Strong fastener material

Care Instructions:

  • Remove the foam padding from the crutch pad cover and hand wash the cover only with mild detergent
  • Air dry completely before inserting the foam padding into the clean fabric cover
  • Spot clean the foam with a damp cloth only
  • Crutch pouch is machine washable in cold water with like colors
  • Air dry completely before use

What’s Included:

  • Vive Crutch Pads- one pair
  • Vive Crutch hand grips- one pair
  • Vive Crutch Pouch
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 818323029833

Product Number: CSH1056BLK

Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces