Bunion Protector - Default Title - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector
Bunion Protector - bunion-protector

Vive Health ViveSole Bunion Protector

Vive Health ViveSole
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  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Cushions and protects painful bunions, effectively reducing pressure and irritation caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus or crooked toes


    Flexible gel conforms to the toe, reducing painful friction, rubbing and irritation


    Securely held in place with a flexible ring, the integrated toe spacer gently separates the big toe and second toe, realigning the toes to alleviate pain and friction


    Slim design easily fits in most shoe styles and can be worn with or without socks or hosiery


    Latex-free, medical grade gel is comfortably soft, yet durable, repelling moisture to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day


    Durably constructed for longterm wearability, the reusable gel bunion guards are easily washed for a comfortably fresh feel

Can I wear these in high heels?

Yes, the slim profile allows the bunion guard to fit in most shoe styles, including heels.

Are they latex-free?

Yes! The bunion guards are made with a latex-free, medical-grade, silicone gel.

Is the bunion pad thin?

Yes, the gel is thin, yet durable, conforming to the toe to provide cushioning and protection while allowing you to wear everyday shoe styles.

Can these be worn with shoes?

Yes! The slim design works well with most shoe styles, including dress, athletic and casual shoes as well as boots and some sandals.

How many come in a package?

Each package contains two gel bunion guards.

Will the bunion guard prevent blisters from forming on my bunion?

Yes, the gel bunion pad eliminates friction and rubbing that forms most blisters.

Can I wear them on either foot?

Yes, the gel guards can be worn on the left or right foot as needed.

What are the dimensions of the bunion guard?

Each guard is 3.125” long and 1.125” high.

Will this help straighten out my big toe?

Yes, the integrated toe spacer separates the big toe and second toe to realign the big toe into the proper position.

How do wear it?

To put the gel bunion guard on, slide the flexible gel opening over your big toe, ensuring the bunion pad is on the outside and the toe spacer is towards the second toe. Fit the toe spacer between the big toe and second toe and stretch the bunion pad to rest along the outside edge of your toe.

Are they washable?

Yes! The bunion guards should be hand washed in cool water with a mild soap or detergent. Air dry or pat dry with a lint-free, absorbent cloth.


  • Relieves pain caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus and crooked toes
  • Protects bunions and crooked toes from friction, pressure and irritation
  • Separates and realigns big toe


  • Medical-grade, latex-free silicone gel


  • 3.125” by 1.125”

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash using cool water and a mild soap or disinfectant
  • Air dry or use a lint-free, absorbent cloth

What’s Included:

  • Two bunion guards
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 683405234289

Product Number: INS1012

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