Bathtub Rail - Default Title - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail
Bathtub Rail - bath-rail

Vive Bathtub Rail

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  • Lifetime Guarantee 



    Safely enter or exit the bathtub with stabilizing support for seniors, children and those with limited mobility


    The dual handrail is 14.5” high with a lightly textured surface for a comfortable and secure grip anywhere


    Easily adjusts to fit flat bathtub edges 3.75”-6.5” wide


    Non-marking rubber pads protect bathtub surfaces from scratches, scuffs and scrapes during normal use


    Durable composite rail supports up to 300 pounds and is mold and mildew resistant


    Simple to install on the edge of most bathtubs with a lever clamp mechanism

Does the rail have a weight limit?

The rail can safely support up to 300 pounds.

Does the bathtub rail come fully assembled?

Yes! The safety rail arrives ready for installation.

How high is the top rail?

The top rail is 16” from the edge of the tub.

Will this work on a fiberglass tub?

Yes, the safety rail can be installed on a fiberglass tub.

Can I use this on my clawfoot tub?

Because of the traditional curled edges of a clawfoot tub, the safety rail cannot be used.

Will this work over shower door rails?

Yes, the lever clamp mechanism is deep enough to accommodate standard shower door rails for a secure installation.

Is it easy to remove?

Yes, the safety rail can be removed by releasing the lever and lifting the rail away from the bathtub.

What is the bathtub rail made of?

The bathtub safety rail is made with a durable composite material.


  • Provides extra support when entering or exiting the bathtub


  • Height: 21” (15" from top of tub)
  • Length: 6.5”
  • Depth: 7.5”

How To Install:


  • Clean bathtub surface and dry thoroughly. Soap residue will not enable a secure installation
  • Loosen the clamp and with the clamp facing the outside of the bathtub, slide the rail over the edge of the tub in the desired location
  • Tighten until the rail feels secure, testing with a forward, backward and side to side motion before use
  • Periodically check safety rail, retightening may be occasionally necessary

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down with a disinfectant solution

What’s Included:

  • Bathtub safety rail
  • Lifetime guarantee

UPC: 028841241369

Product Number: LVA1021

Shipping Weight:7 pounds