Bedside Fall Mat Beige
Bedside Fall Mat Grey
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk
Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk

Fall Mat - Reduces Injury Risk

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    • Bedside safety and protection
    • Reduces impact upon falls
    • Soft high-density foam padding
    • Easy access for walkers and wheelchairs
    • Waterproof and easy to clean
    • Slip resistance backing grips to floor surfaces
    • 60 Day Guarantee 


  • fall mat alongside bed

    Optimal bedside safety for anyone with mobility issues or at risk of falling


    Long enough to span the length of most beds for maximum protection

  • laying down mat by bedside
  • egg drop without break on mat

    Thick, high-density foam provides extra padding and safe footing for patients and caregivers


    Sloped edges eliminate tripping hazards and provide easy access for mobility devices

  • beveled edges for no trip
  • slip resistance surface

    Durable rubber backing prevents the mat from sliding on any floor while the textured surface provides traction


    Easy to clean so your family will be safe and healthy

  • waterproof surface

Can I use a walker on the fall safety mat?

Yes, the beveled edges allow mobility devices, such as a walker slide onto the mat.

Is the fall mat like a hard surface?

No, the fall mat is made of a high-density foam that is soft and has some give to better absorb the impact of falls.

Is the bedside fall mat basically the same as a tumbling mat?

No, the fall safety mat is thicker and specifically designed to absorb the impact of falls around the bedside.

Can I place a commode on the fall safety mat?

It is not recommended that a portable commode be placed on the fall mat, as the foam is not the hard flat surface required for safely using a bedside commode.

Is the bedside fall safety mat slip resistant on hardwood floors?

Yes, the fall mat is backed with a slip resistant rubber that holds securely on hard surfaces, such as hardwood and tile, as well as on carpets.

What is the fall safety mat made of?

The fall mat is constructed from durable foam with a PVC leather top and a non-slip rubber bottom.

What are the dimensions of the fall mat?

The fall mat is 74” long and 24” wide.

How thick is the fall mat?

The fall mat is ?” thick.

Is the mat slippery on bare feet?

No, the fall mat features a textured surface that provides traction for anyone who steps on it.

Can I wash the fall mat?

Yes, the fall mat can be washed by hand with a mild soap and dried with an absorbent cloth.

Is the fall mat waterproof?

Yes, the top of the mat is completely waterproof.

Can I wheel my walker over the mat?

Yes, the mat features beveled edges that make it very easy to maneuver a walker or wheelchair over the mat.


  • For providing injury protection for those with mobility or balance issues from bedside falls


  • Length: 74"
  • Width: 24"
  • Thickness: 7/8"


  • PVC Leather Top
  • PU Foam
  • SBR Rubber Bottom


  • Light Gray
  • Beige

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with a mild soap
  • Dry immediately with a dry cloth

What’s Included:

  • Bedside Fall Safety Mat
  • 60 Day Guarantee

UPC: 818323025378 (Beige); 818323020281 (Light Gray)

Product Number: LVA1044BGE (Beige); LVA1044 (Light Gray)

Shipping Weight: 9.4 pounds