Hip Ice Pack - Default Title - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack
Hip Ice Pack - hip-ice-pack

Vive Health Arctic Flex Hip Ice Pack

Vive Health Arctic Flex
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  • 60 Day Guarantee 



    Soothe swelling, tension, and pain in your hip with a combination of gentle compression and hot/cold therapy


    Choose from a soft, plush fabric side for mild cooling therapy that is gentle on the skin, or flip to the nylon gel side for more targeted and penetrating cold therapy


    Heat this gel pack in the microwave for soothing heat therapy, or place it in the freezer for rejuvenating cold therapy. Arctic Flex technology keeps this gel pack colder for longer treatment sessions


    With a large surface area and secure D-ring velcro straps, this hip ice pack is easy to use, staying securely in place


    Adjust the ice pack to fit your hip with the leg and waist strap, and customize your level of gentle compression to improve circulation and reduce swelling


    Arctic Flex technology ensures that the gel pack remains flexible even when frozen, to comfortably contour to the shape of your body and provide greater relief

Can the Vive Hip Ice Pack be used on any part of the body?

Yes! The Vive Hip Ice Pack is designed to accommodate the hip, but can also be used on the knee, thigh, or other desired area.

Does the Vive Hip Ice Pack stay flexible when frozen?

Yes! This Arctic Flex Gel pack is designed to stay soft and flexible when frozen so that it can bend and fit around your hip bone for greater pain relief.

What side of this dual-sided ice pack is right for me?

Choose from the soft plush side for a more gradual release of cold therapy that is gentle on the skin, or use the nylon gel pack side for more targeted relief from pain and tension. With two options, you can always select the right treatment option for your unique pain or injury.

How do I heat and cool this gel pack?

The included manual contains detailed instructions. To cool the gel pack simply place it in the freezer, and to heat it, place it in your microwave. This makes it easy to prepare the gel pack for use.

What can the Vive Hip Ice Pack do for my pain or injury?

A combination of gentle compression and cryotherapy can reduce swelling and inflammation in your hip, knee, thigh, or other affected area to promote a faster recovery. Soothe tension and fatigue in your muscles with a gel pack that can be used for hot or cold therapy as needed. Great for surgery, arthritis, and injury recovery.

How do I know if the Hip Ice Pack straps will fit me?

This hip ice pack measures 13” by 10”, and is designed to fit waist circumferences up to 32” and thigh circumferences up to 28”.

Will the Vive Hip Ice Pack stay in place?

Yes! The waist and leg strap ensure that this gel pack stays in place, for hassle-free temperature therapy without the need to balance the gel pack over the affected area. These straps can be reversed, for use on the right or left side of your body.


  • Dual-sided gel pack with straps provides pain relief from Arthritis and Post-surgery inflammation. It’s mainly for the hip but can be used on the thigh, knee, and other desired areas


  • 13” by 10”
  • (fits waist circumferences up to 55” and thigh circumferences up to 40”)
  • Weight: 695 grams (1.53 lbs)

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth, and wipe dry
  • Do NOT machine wash or dry

What’s Included:

  • 1pc gel pack + color box
  • 60-day guarantee


Product Number: RHB2092TAL