Foam Roller Bundle - Default Title - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle
Foam Roller Bundle - foam-roller-bundle

Vive Foam Roller Bundle

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  • 60-Day Guarantee 



    This therapeutic massage set provides multiple ways to effectively stretch tight muscles, reducing tension, pain and stiffness throughout the body


    Each massage roller creates self-direct pressure for self-myofascial release and to release tension and relieve sore, aching muscles in the shoulders, back, hips and legs


    Perfect for floor workouts, the Vive Foam Roller stretches the entire body to improve flexibility, range of motion and balance


    Equipped with eight independent rollers, the muscle roller stick increases circulation for quick post-workout recovery


    Our double lacrosse massage ball protects the spine while producing effective pressure on targeted muscle groups to reduce inflammation


    Includes an 18” foam roller, a muscle roller stick, a double lacrosse massage ball, a silicone massage ball and a carry pouch

Will this set help release upper back trigger points?

Yes! The massage rollers and double lacrosse ball are perfect for trigger point release safely targeting hard-to-reach areas such as the upper back.

Can I use the Vive Foam Roller to stretch out my back?

Yes, the foam roller stretches out the upper and lower back to relieve tension and pain.

How long is the Vive foam roller?

The foam roller included in this bundle measures 18”. Other lengths are available separately.

Is the Vive foam roller firm or soft?

The foam roller is made with resilient firm foam for effective self-massage.

Are the ends of the foam roller rounded on both ends?

Yes, the ends of the foam roller are gently rounded.

How long is the Vive muscle roller stick?

The massage roller stick measures 17.7” in length.

Is the massage stick flexible?

No, the massage roller stick has a rigid metal core that does not bend.

What size are the muscle stick’s independent rollers?

Each massage stick roller measures 1.18” in diameter.

Will this muscle roller stick help ease muscle cramps?

Yes! The massage roller stick eases muscle cramps by stretching and compressing the muscles to effectively increase circulation and release tension.

Is the Vive double lacrosse ball as hard as an actual lacrosse ball?

Yes, the Vive lacrosse massage ball is firm and dense, comparable to a standard lacrosse ball.

What are the dimensions of the peanut massage ball?

The peanut massage ball is 5” x 2.5”, with each ball being 2.5” in diameter.

Are the lacrosse massage balls good for cooling down after my workout?

Yes! The Vive lacrosse massage balls are great for post activities reducing inflammation and stiffness from overuse.


  • For self-massage including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, corrective therapy and deep tissue massage
  • For stretching, balance training and increasing flexibility and range of motion


  • Foam roller: 18” by 5.75”
  • Muscle roller stick: 17.7”
  • Double lacrosse massage ball: 5” by 2.5”
  • Single lacrosse massage ball: 2.5”


  • Foam roller: high-density EPP foam
  • Muscle roller stick: composite with metal core
  • Lacrosse balls: silicone

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down each piece with a damp cloth and mild detergent or disinfectant as needed.

What’s Included:

  • Vive Foam Roller - 18”
  • Vive Muscle Roller Stick
  • Vive Double Lacrosse Ball
  • Vive Massage Ball
  • Nylon carry pouch
  • 60 day guarantee


Product Number: SUP2077GRY

Shipping Weight: 2.05 pounds